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As Toronto DUI lawyers we’ve helped thousands of people with impaired driving and DUI charges. Criminal records have been avoided and driver licences kept, with thousands of wins and favourable results. Winning Results >


We have years of legal experience dealing with DUI charges as crown attorneys, prosecutors and defence lawyers. We know the DUI defence strategies to protect your future, drivers licence and to defend your character.  About Us >

Toronto Lawyer & Former Crown Attorney

Nicholas Charitsis is an experienced and respected Toronto DUI lawyer, having appeared at all levels of Ontario courts. Nick is known for his compassion and understanding of what his clients go through.

As your DUI lawyer Nick, prides himself on bring years of experience in Impaired and drinking and driving defence providing the best possible courtroom representation for your case from beginning to end.

As a former prosecutor and criminal lawyer, clients receive the highest level of criminal defence.

As a result of years of appearing in the Toronto and GTA Courts Nick has the reputation as a criminal defence lawyer with tenacity who understands the legal system, the “players involved” and the nuances of DUI defence.

Impaired Driving Lawyer | Nicholas Charitsis

Toronto DUI Defence Lawyer


If you’re accused of a DUI offence then you need a lawyer and advocate who is available 24/7 to help. We treat each client like a member of our family – and their case like if it were our own. We charge a reasonable fee, based upon our commitment to you and high level of service. Our firm has been highly ranked and reviewed by organizations like Google,, and others.

Our team of DUI defence attorneys works together with legal experts, paralegals, medical professionals and retired police officers to ensure the best possible defence.  When it comes to defending impaired driving charges “no stone unturned” is our policy. We pride ourselves on doing everything possible to win your case.

Winning is easier than you think…

Toronto DUI Lawyer Nicholas Charitsis explains about fighting dui charges. Our network of lawyers, former Crown Attorneys, former breathalyzer technicians and toxicologists have years of experience in DUI defence in the Toronto and area courts.

What Our Clients Are Saying on Google Reviews

★★★★★ I’m extremely satisfied with the results and service provided by Nicholas Charitsis Law firm. My DUI charges were dropped in the shortest amount of time and as it was promised on our first meeting. They kept me updated during the process, and I’m glad I went with Nicholas and his team. I now know I have a capable lawyer friend to reach out to at any time… thank you for all you have done for me.  Roksan G. Toronto.

★★★★★ Nicholas Charitsis is the best rated dui lawyer for a reason. An absolute pitbull in the courtroom who fights to WIN. I’m so glad he was in my corner and fought to beat my case. His office was very responsive to all of my inquiries and I was kept in the loop every step of the way. With so much riding on the outcome of my case I am forever grateful to him and his team for EVERYTHING they have did for me.

★★★★★ As a DUI Lawyer Nicholas Charitsis has been beyond amazing. He was extremely professional when handling my Drive over 80 case. Nick was able to find problems with the crown attorney case and destroyed the police officers testimony.  My charges were both dismissed after trial and I give all the credit to Nicholas. His hard work does not go unnoticed. All the judges know him and respect him …I have seen it first hand.

Top DUI Lawyers

Top DUI Lawyers

Charitsis Law is one of Toronto’s top criminal defence law firms. We work to provide successful and positive outcomes in criminal defence by defending your rights, character and work to protect your future. Ninety nine (99) percent of the cases we’ve handle have ended in a positive outcomes for our client, comparing to what they were originally facing. As your lawyer our goal is to get all charges dismissed, or significantly reduced and avoid criminal records.

Service Oriented

Service Oriented

We firmly believe that when you’re arrested – you need immediate legal help and counsel. That’s why we always have a criminal defence attorney available to help you. In addition, there are two (2) criminal defence attorneys assigned to each case. This ensures that there is always someone available to handle any concerns you may have. We offer flat fee arrangements, accept payment plans, and all major credit cards. We thoroughly investigate all legal evidence against our clients, and prepare each case for trial.

Winning Track Record

Winning Track Record

We pride ourselves on professional aggressive defence – our goal is to win your case and to avoid criminal records, suspensions and even jail. Our committment to our clients is that we will do whatever it takes to win your case, with hundred and ten (110) percent effort. We work with you, so that our fees aren’t a burden on you – or your family. We also accept a wide array of payment forms.

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Motor Vehicle Criminal Law

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving does not mean the driver was intoxicated or drunk. Impaired driving means that the drivers ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired due to the consumption of an alcohol or drug. Read More >

Drive over 80mgs

Where a person is found operating a motor vehicle and their level of blood versus alcohol is over .80mgs, the police can arrest and charge the driver with the criminal charge of drive over 80mgs.
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Refuse Breath Test

Police can collect evidence by demanding a breathalyzer test only under certain conditions. As well the police have a legal responsibility to ensure that the driver understands their obligations under the law.
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Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is not an accident. The incident or driver action must be something that was a planned action, showing disregard for others by the driver that was dangerous in nature.
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Our DUI Advantage

Experienced Dui Lawyers

As Toronto DUI Lawyers we provide professional legal services for DUI and drinking and driving offences.  Our office has years of legal experience with DUI and motor vehicle law, such impaired driving, drive over 80 and dangerous driving offences where your liberty maybe in jeopardy.  Our network of lawyers, paralegals and former Crown Attorneys provides the highest level legal services to discriminating clients.

High Success Rate

Our DUI track record is high. We’ve won or settled thousands of DUI charges favour of our clients. Our high success rate as Toronto DUI lawyers is due to our high level of representation, effort, and diligence to provide first class legal representation. We don’t cut corners, we push the limits to win, and our reviews on Google and elsewhere prove it.  Superior winning results, we invite you to call to discuss your case.

Winning Results

We provide exceptional legal services for clients looking to win. We don’t cut corners or look to seek a quick resolution we want to win.  We never waste our clients time, either for redundant paperwork or stockpiling cases while doing hearings in the court. Our group of impaired driving lawyers, paralegals and professionals work to uphold your interests and work to win your case.

Aggressive DUI Defence

Our criminal defence law firm cares about the number of clients we service each month for DUI and drinking and driving charges. As Toronto DUI lawyers we only take on a select few number of clients. We limit our clients to provide superior service for each clients case. Our objective is to provide impeccable service, and to win. That’s one of main reasons why many of our clients refer us to their friends, and family members – we have a track record of winning DUI and impaired driving cases.

Risk Free Consultation

Our Toronto DUI lawyers offer free consultations, in person or over the phone. During the initial consultation, you can discuss your case for us and we can answer any questions you may have. We can answer questions like – what are the penalties for the charge, how can we fight the allegation and what can a DUI lawyer do for me. When discussing your court case, this means either looking at how to get the case dismissed, or how we can get the charge reduced to avoid penalties like a criminal record and licence suspensions. We believe that once you discuss your legal defence with us, you will see how Charitsis Law is the DUI defence lawyers for you.

Do I need a criminal defence lawyer if I have been falsely accused?

All defendants who are accused of a crime are required by law to be adequately represented at court either by legal counsel or by self representation. Legal Aid and duty counsel maybe available for those with limited means. The problem is that many duty counsel and legal aid lawyers have a high case load and may find it difficult to provide the amount of legal representation required to properly represent your case including any defence. Duty counsel work for the courts and government. This means that the legal counsel for the accused is also an employee of the same government that is pressing the charges, which rarely bodes well for the accused. Crown Attorneys often act as though they are entitled to a conviction following any conviction of a criminal charge, and duty counsel will normally be required to deal with the crown attorney regularly. This situation alone is enough for anyone accused of a crime to consider retain an experienced and criminal defence lawyer who will work diligently to ensure there are no conflicts.

What does a criminal lawyer do?

Criminal cases are built on evidence that must meet the standard of reasonable doubt. Your criminal defence lawyer can evaluate all of evidence for legal application regarding truth and evidence by the police. Arresting officers must follow all arrest protocols and follow the rules of evidence to the when compiling evidence in an investigation. And, many times over-zealous police officers and prosecutors will prosecute an innocent individual in an attempt to get them to provide evidence in the case. Your lawyer can contest all of this evidence as inadmissible and move to have any immaterial case facts dismissed for consideration, which is something that a typical defendant usually cannot accomplish.

Defending your case

When you retain a criminal lawyer they can also question the statements of the officer as well as the motivation for the arrest when it obvious that charges are based on evidence that is weak or borderline. Having a defence lawyer who is willing to take a case to a complete trial can be important, and many times an defence lawyer will avoid this at all costs because they know the prosecutor wants a guilty plea. Never plead guilty to a criminal charge when you are innocent because criminal histories can have a major impact on the life of the accused going forward, including denial for government benefits, employment, and public housing. Retaining a criminal lawyer is always an investment in your personal future.

It is never a good decision to go before the court without legal representation because the prosecution must only observe the minimal basic legal rights of the defendant and they are serious about a conviction merely because of the fact you’re are there. In many ways, a defendant must actually prove their innocence instead of the court proving the case against the defendant. It is important to remember that, even when charges are generally sound, a reduced charge can often be achieved with good legal counsel.

Do I need a defence lawyer for my case?

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees a defendant the right to a lawyer to defend them in a criminal case. It has also been interpreted as conferring the right on criminal defendants to represent himself or herself in cases against them. No such right exists in a civil lawsuit. If you’re a criminal defendant, you might also be allowed to represent yourself, but you’ll need permission to do so from the judge who is presiding over your case. Whether or not it’s a good idea to ask a judge to represent yourself in a criminal case is up to your own best judgment, but it’s not recommended. Typically, you should hire a lawyer to work with you. The consequences of a conviction could be harsh, especially if you’re charged with an indictable offence.

Aggressive and Unyielding

Our Toronto DUI lawyers are aggressive, and extremely resourceful. We get each client the results he, or she, deserves.

Experienced Litigators

Our DUI defence teams as been recognized as top rated, by services such as Google Reviews, YellowPages and, and many others.

We’re Dedicated To You

Our lawyers are passionate about one thing: helping our clients get the best outcome. We focus on service and results.

We’re your lawyer, we work for you.

You can trust our Toronto DUI lawyers to guide and advise you what to do. We understand you’re relying on us to defend your character, rights and to protect your future.  When you work with us, we’ll explain our part, your part and work together.

Don’t settle for a duty counsel

Duty counsel is necessary in the legal system, but doesn’t provide a full defence for the client with a DUI allegation. Duty counsel works for the government that is prosecuting the case, and there’s always a question of how hard they are working to counsel you. An impaired driving or DUI charge is a crime without an obvious victim, especially in cases where there was no accident. Duty counsel regularly work in one specific court and can become an ally of the prosecution and court officers. Never accept duty counsel for a criminal charge if there is any other option for legal representation.

Anyone in the city of Toronto who is facing criminal charges should contact our dui lawyers for a professional and thorough discussion of your charges. We understand the court system and always represent our clients aggressively, including the willingness to take a case to trial. We understand how to prepare and present a strong defence for drinking and driving charges and have a track record of proven success, helping our clients win, and avoiding criminal records and licence suspensions. Let us help you advocate for you and defend your legal rights.

What happens after someone is arrested?

DUI arrests are made when a police officer either has witnessed drinking and driving or has reasonable and probable grounds to believe an offence has been committed. Once arrested, the accused may be released on a promise to appear in court or be taken by the police officer into custody for a bail hearing. The accused will be fingerprinted and photographed. The accused will be required to answer a series of personal questions and will then be placed in a holding cell. The police must give the accused reasonable phone calls and be allowed speak to a criminal defence lawyer of their choosing or to duty counsel.

Where the accused is not released on a “Promise to Appear” the accused will be given a court hearing within 48 hours of being placed in custody. The suspect will be allowed to meet with their defence lawyer before the bail hearing takes place.

When the suspect is taken into court, the court will inform the judge of the crime they are being charged with, and will ask the accused to enter a plea. The accused can either tell the judge that they are guilty or not guilty. The accused should consult their DUI lawyer about which plea to enter before the hearing begins. The judge will then review the case to see if the accused should be released from custody pending the trial date.

A guilty plea is an admission of guilt, and the accused will be responsible for the penalties of the crime. A plea of not guilty means the crown attorney must prove the facts of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt to the judge at trial.  Any witnesses must appear on the trial date to give evidence.

Most criminal proceedings including DUI and drinking and driving offences will appear before a provincial court judge, without a jury and the judge will decide the outcome.

Where after the trial the accused is found not guilty, they will be allowed to go free. If the accused is found guilty, or if the accused pleaded guilty, a sentencing hearing will be held immediately unless deferred by the court. At sentencing, the judge will listen to submissions from both the defence lawyer and the crown attorney regarding the accused, including any past criminal record and background in deciding a penalty.

Many dui criminal charges including impaired driving and dangerous driving have mandatory penalties like license suspensions that the judge has no control over.

At the sentencing hearing the judge may want to hear the opinions of the accused’s friends and family, or from any victims of the crime. The judge will then decide a penalty based on sentencing requirements and the evidence provided.

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