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These videos are prepared to help you understand the criminal process and how at Charitsis Law we can help you. Call us at 647-689-6014 to review and discuss your case.

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Defending Cases by Building Relationships

Cases are not always won with trials and legal arguments.  Discussions and resolutions crown attorneys can make the difference between charges being reduces to a traffic ticket, diversions and/or probations.

Team Approach to Impaired Driving

We have a team approach to fighting criminal charges to ensure we have the professionals and experts available to ensure you receive the best possible representation for you charge(s).

Impaired Driving Defences | Bolus Drinking Defence

Breathalyzer samples are a measurement of alcohol to determine what was the level of alcohol in the driver’s blood at the time of driving, not at the time of consumption.  Nicholas Charitsis explains the Bolus Drinking Defence.

First Time Offence Empathy

With first time offences where the breach of the law is marginal, many times although not winning the case completely we can arrange for a criminal offence to be dropped to a traffic ticket, thereby avoiding criminal records and licence suspensions.

What Judges Look For

Judges look to ensure that the trial proceeds fairly and that the accused’s rights as a Canadian citizen have not been violated under the Canadian Rights and Freedoms.

Impaired Driving – Serious offence – No Jail

The client had been in a serious motor vehicle accident and was found in an intoxicated condition behind the wheel.  What we did to help our client avoid a lengthy jail term.

Refusing a Breathalyzer Test

What is refusing a breathalyzer test, what are the implications and penalties of being charged with Refusing to supply a breath sample.

Your Winning Defence Team

Assault | Toronto Criminal Lawyer

You’re not guilty unless a judge says you are, not the police or the crown attorney.  It’s your right as a Canadian citizen to be properly defended in court, and to have the evidence of your accuser challenged by a criminal lawyer.

We know being arrested can be devastating, but there is a solution and we can help. As experienced trial advocates, our team of criminal lawyers, former crown attorneys, and retired police officers ensures that No Stone is Left Unturned™ in defending and representing our clients. We have years of experience with criminal assault charges and a provide superior legal service with  the reviews and winning cases to back it up

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This site is for information only and is not meant to replace qualified legal advice by a criminal defence lawyer. The application and interpretation of law, impaired driving, DUI and drinking and driving, is constantly changing, the writers shall not be held responsible for any information that may be incorrect or out of date. The owners of this website recommend that anyone wishing to fight a criminal charge obtain qualified legal advice before doing so.

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