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Our office is located at the northwest corner of Finch Ave West and Dufferin Street in Toronto.


Take the TTC to Allen Road station and then take the bus 1km north to Finch Ave. At Finch Ave walk west, the building is on the north side of Finch Ave, just west of Dufferin Street, or

Yonge Subway to Finch Ave, then take the bus westbound to Dufferin Street.

By Car:
If your travelling on Hwy 401 go north on Allen Road to Dufferin Street. At Dufferin St. make a left turn.  The office is in the building on the north side of the roadway on Finch Ave W.

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Office for Criminal Lawyer

Alireza Yarahmadi
16:18 11 Dec 18
Nicholas is an excellent lawyer that helped me out of an extremely bad situation. I was charged with over 80 and blew over 180. The circumstances of my case were very unique but he demonstrated he had a strong grasp of the situation and already had plans formulating on how to fight it. Throughout the time before going to trial he and his team kept me up to date on what our strategy would be and the outcome of all possible scenarios. Nicks skills as a lawyer truly shine when he is in the courtroom. His presentation of facts and cross examinations are well articulated and well researched. He cited many case laws to support dismal of my charge and even managed to find one obscure case that had details very similar to mine. Nick presented written submissions for the judge and was kind enough to provide me a copy. After reading the submission and seeing the quality of it I felt confident that my charge would be dropped. I was acquitted of my charge and I owe it all to him and his team. Thank you Nick and team for fighting my case to achieve the best results possibleread more
Maham Ahmad
07:11 06 Dec 18
To be honest I was afraid to write this review because it would involve me admitting the weakest parts of me. A few years ago, I went through a phase of doing drugs to escape the reality of life. I was arrested, and the police tried to charge me with possession (two counts – schedule 1 and schedule 3). I went to many lawyers, and all of them said id have a record. My brother is a lawyer and even the lawyers he recommended, said I stand no change against the charges. After a lot of research, I met Nick. After a 30-minute meeting, he managed to calm my nerves and give me hope for the future. Nick got me the best result after my first arrest, many lawyers said it wouldn’t be possible. That inspired me to quit my mall job, go back to school at the age of 26 and land an even better job. Recently, I got in some trouble again, but much worst than the first time. I immediately reached out to Nick and only to him, I knew my charges were so bad that I was afraid he wouldn’t take my case. He got me a deal that I prayed for, he got me the best possible result. I have blind faith in this man, he is not only the best lawyer but an actual good person. He is a fancy lawyer, but he doesn’t only care about money, he cares about his clients. I was looking at jail time, a permanent criminal record, a licence suspension for a minimum of one year. He cared about my case and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My second arrest was bad, they only charged me with 3 things even though it could have been more. Nick didn’t care about money and just the legal stuff, he actually talked to me about how to improve my life and was concerned as a person for me. I appreciate him so much and have the highest level of respect for him. I knew if anyone could help me, it would be only him. This world broke my heart, but nick restored my faith in humanity. I know people say he charges a lot but honestly, he is worth every penny. This kind of stuff, you can’t put a price on. He got me the best result both times, I was looking at losing my respect as a person, at work and in my community. Out of a million lawyers, you’ll only meet one like nick. Each time I started to panic, he calmed me down, he treated me like a person, not like a criminal. I’ve done bad things in my life, but I’ve also done good, I feel like because of all the good I’ve done, I became lucky enough to have him represent me. I honestly can’t say enough good things about him, I’m forever grateful. This is the first review I’ve written in my life, just wanted people to know how great he more
Prabhjot Singh
21:28 25 Nov 18
This man saved my future and my life. I had a horrible case and was terrified that I would get a very bad sentence because of the facts in my disclosure. I needed the most qualified and experienced lawyer that I could find. Nicholas is who I contacted after searching for a legal representative and I am SO THANKFUL TO HIM because he got me a plea deal that I didn’t even think was an option for me. After presenting my disclosure to me I turned red in the face because I knew I was screwed. I accepted jail time in my head already and accepted defeat BUT then Nicholas told me what he negotiated with the crown and my jaw almost dropped. The deal was honestly too good to be true in my mind but I trusted the expertise of Nicholas and happily let him lead the way. He told me what I needed to do and on my final court date I got the plea deal that he negotiated for me as my sentence. I nearly cried because the details of my case were stacked against my favor so high that I thought I would lose everything. Nicholas is a MASTER of his craft and to an untrained eye it looks as though he’s using magic spells to win cases but he’s not. He’s just that dam good. My case wasn’t won by luck. It was won because Nicholas is a hyper competent DUI lawyer with insane skills. I’m so happy that I chose him to represent me in court and I’m going to recommend him to EVERYONE I KNOW who needs to handle a DUI case. Honestly people, if you’re currently searching for a DUI lawyer then Nicholas is your guy. Take it from me and the other 100+ 5 star reviews this man has. These aren’t paid reviews. Nicholas seriously saved my life and I didn’t need to write this for him but I am because I will forever be grateful for his role in my life. HIRE NICHOLAS CHARITSIS AND YOU WILL WIN YOUR CASE!!!!!! P.S - A bunch of my friends have gotten DUI charges before and the details of their cases were nowhere near as bad as mine. They all got worse sentences than me because they chose to hire cheap legal representation. I paid Nicholas $7000 for the whole case and he pulled a miracle out of his behind. Good deal? HELL YEAH!read more
Melissa Sheppard
00:46 15 Nov 18
Nicholas is the best lawyer for getting the best results!! I blew 3 times over the legal limit, and he had my charges reduced to a fine. This has been an extremely stressful time since these charges could potentially affect my current and future employment. Nick's team has been highly professional and supportive and I would recommend him to everyone!read more
Chyna Serwaah
01:03 07 Nov 18
Nicholas is an amazing lawyer! He helped my husband not face jail time from a difficult complicated case. Nicholas was always on time for court, honest, well-spoken and supportive.. my husband and I are extremely happy for selecting Nick as a lawyer, he's helped my family in so many ways and we are greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Nicholas and his team for any legal more
Rene Richmond
03:57 25 Oct 18
I was recently charged with impaired driving causing bodily harm. This was my first time ever to have any problems with the police. It was very frightening since my readings were more than double the legal limit. The Crown attorney was originally looking to put me in jail for 6 months. This was the most frightening prospect that I had ever faced in my life. After researching the internet for weeks I finally decided to hire the Law Office of Nicholas Charitsis because of his more than 150 five star Google reviews. I have to admit that his fees were much higher than many of the other lawyers that I interviewed but I couldn't risk taking any chances with my future as I am not a Canadian citizen and I also faced deportation. From the moment that I hired Nicholas, I knew that I was in good hands. He was extremely professional and it was extremely obvious that he is an expert in the law of DUI's. After 4 court appearances, Nicholas was able to convince the prosecutor not to move forward with the impaired driving causing bodily harm charge. My prospects became much better since Nicholas was able to take jail time off the table. Next thing that happened was the most unexpected. Nicholas convinced the crown attorney not to proceed with the impaired driving charge... I couldn't believe it... My charges were reduced to a traffic ticket because Nicholas exposed severe violations to my rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights. I am eternally grateful to Nicholas for everything he has done for me. There is no way I would have gotten out of this mess if it wasn't for his determination to help me and get the best possible result. Thank you Nicholas. You will now be my lawyer for more
Mohsen Kaiwanfar
00:10 27 Sep 18
A family member was charged with impaired and over 80. I found Nicholas Charitsis Law office through an internet search and we hired him because of the large number of positive reviews he has received online. To be honest, up until the trial I was worried we’d made the wrong decision and the reviews might be exaggerated or false…but once the trial started I knew the reviews were 100% accurate and that we had made the right decision. Nicholas is a gifted trial lawyer. He is highly skilled and his cross examinations of crown witnesses was incredible to watch. The end result after a three day trial was not guilty on both counts due to lack of evidence and a Charter breach. Nick's fees are higher than most lawyers we interviewed but he is worth every penny and we strongly recommend more
Kanak Karma
16:26 12 Sep 18
Where do I start? When I got into an incident I didn't know how to overcome it. I'm known to have quite the anxiety attacks and I'll admit I'm not someone who get's into trouble but then again who doesn't say that? Getting to the point here, I did my research for over a month in finding the perfect Lawyer, who will not only keep me out of jail but will also make sure I get my license back. Being where I am now in my life and not being able to drive, doesn't give you many options (career wise) that is. I contacted Mr. Charitsis and he told me to contact his associate Mr. Thoma who dropped my 44 over charge on the HWY within months (very cost effective). Aside from that, I had to retain Mr. Charitsis to keep me out of jail (Mr. Thoma told me to contact Mr. Charitsis as he will be better at getting my situation resolved) I am someone who does their research and inquiries very thoroughly and when I came across Mr. Charitsis I realized I had nothing to be scared of, not a doubt in mind. When I retained him, I knew he was expensive but can you put a price on your future/ career or life? Of course not. On September 11, 2018 Mr. Charitsis not only reduced my fine immensely, he kept me out of jail. Although to retain him might cost you quite a bit, you should know they offer payment plans but also you should know that he keeps his word. By the way, if you ever feel like he's not as responsive; you don't need to because his associates are attentive and if you ever need questions answered, they are the go to people like for example, Amy is one of the associates you'd be dealing with, she's great at her job and when someone says "communication is key," believe them because she keeps you posted through phone calls and emails. All in all, Mr. Charitsis and his team are profound, from my experience he is someone who not only knows how to do his job well but he is someone who gives you a guarantee but even more he understands you. I remember when I first met him face to face, I started to cry and get all emotional but he makes you feel strong and confident, knowing my past incident was going to ruin my life he automatically flipped the switch with a smile and courage. Thank you so much Mr. Charitsis and thank you to your team as more
stephonie miller
19:24 27 Aug 18
Legit the top criminal lawyer in Toronto. Nicholas has taken care of every case for my me and my family for more than 10 years. He is hard working and gets the best results. I trust his advice 100%read more
Md. Salman Abdullah
14:59 17 Aug 18
I have found out about Nicholas through a referral. Where his previous client was extremely satisfied with his service. I was charged with a DUI. It was a very stressful situation. I was in a state of depression. After speaking to Nicholas I felt great relief. He gave me proper guidance and he conducts his job with honesty and fairness. He helped me lower the impact by a great deal. I couldn't be more happier with the arrangement he made with the crown. I highly recommend Nicholas for any legal more
Claudia Gherghin
15:30 15 Aug 18
Awesome lawyer, fights for you and your rights. He listens to the issue, sees the purpose, finds solutions and wins. Can be a small issue too and it’s resolved. As long as you explain the issue or problem and how it affect you and your life or whatever the situation, he can solve it for you, good ear to listen to! Best of luck to you in more
Nauman Ansari
14:23 13 Aug 18
After interviewing more than 10 criminal lawyers it was clear to me that Nicholas Charitsis was the best attorney to get me out of a bad situation. I contacted him because of his 100+ positive google reviews and I can honestly say that all the 5 stars are true. Nick delivered on his promise to get all my charges in court dropped in a record amount of time. His fees are more expensive than most Lawyers but when your reputation, job and everything else is on the line it was worth the premium price to have peace of mind knowing that he would deliver positive results. I hope that I never need to use The services of a criminal lawyer again but if I do... the first and only attorney that I will call is Nicholas more
Rui Martins
21:01 03 Aug 18
Amazing lawyer, well respected and gets results done.. 100% everyone should use Nicholas and they won’t be disappointed with the resultsread more
Stefanie Klev
01:30 05 Jul 18
Mr. Charitsis is truly a professional at work. I have been to many lawyers – and most of them don’t care about their clients, but Nick’s atttentiveness and professionalism amazed me! His expertise and demeanour point to his level of professionalism and competence as an attorney. Nicholas went above and beyond my expectations as a client and took the time to give me guidance that helped me very much with my case. I am pleased with Nick’s work and am filled with gratitude for the positive outcome, thanks to him. If I ever need to refer someone to a criminal lawyer - it will definitely be to him. Thank you Nick!!!!!read more
16:03 14 Jun 18
Excellent DUI Lawyer. Nicholas Charitsis beat all of my charges at the College Park Courthouse. It was worth paying the extra cost to hire him. He got the results that he promised he would achieve. There's no better DUI lawyer in more
roksana Golshan
03:23 07 Jun 18
I'm extremely satisfied with the results and service provided by Nicholas Charitsis Law firm. My DUI charges were dropped in the shortest amount of time and as it was promised on our first meeting. They kept me updated during the process, and I'm glad I went with Nicholas and his team. I now know I have a capable lawyer friend to reach out to at any time...thank you for all you have done for me 🙂read more
Sacha awesome
01:15 05 Jun 18
I know Nick personally and I finally had the opportunity to watch him in a court of law. WOW was I impressed!! Calm, collected, well spoken and he knows his stuff. I am so grateful that Nick represent us and I would recommend him 150%!!!!read more
morsal hamdard
15:16 30 May 18
The most honest and fair lawyer you will ever meet. Nicholas gave me the straight goods about my case right from there first meeting. He’s extremely hard working and the most knowledgeable DUI lawyer in the GTA. Most importantly Nicholas will get you the best possible results. His fees are not cheap but they are well worth more
David Wallace
15:43 29 May 18
Nick did a fantastic job! Took a very complex case and ensured speedy resolution, walked me through the entire process and navigated his way past several legal hurdles.i cannot recommend his services more
Aristotle Nicomachus
19:14 12 Apr 18
I'm extremely satisfied with the results and service provided by Nicholas Charitsis Law firm. My DUI charges were dropped after trial in March 2018. Nick was always professional and to the point. He kept me updated after every court appearance and even went the extra mile to destroy my finger prints photographs and police record of arrest after my charges were all dismissed. I'm glad I selected him as my lawyer and now consider him like more
mahmood challi
01:14 27 Mar 18
Nicholas was a really nice and kind lawyer. I was wondering which lawyer I should take for my case. Even if my case was not criminal case, he replied to my email and recommended me to another lawyer. He is an extremely kind lawyer! I recommend him!read more
John A
13:33 22 Mar 18
Nicholas Charitsis is 100% the most dedicated lawyer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His clients are his passion. He clearly wants the best for them. Thanks for everything, Nicholas. You deserve a long and prosperous career as a lawyer because you fight for your clients' at all hours of the day and more
Kimberley Cyr
19:19 18 Mar 18
Nicholas was extremely professional when it came to helping Anthony and myself! He answered all calls at anytime even on weekends and was patient when answering our numerous questions! We could not have asked for a better lawyer. Nicholas is personable and makes you feel as if you are talking to a friend. We would highly recommend him to family and more
Vanessa Luisotto
22:12 05 Mar 18
I have had the most pleasant experience with Nicholas Charitsis as my lawyer. He is the best rated dui lawyer in Canada for a reason. An absolute pitbull in the courtroom who fights to WIN. I'm so glad he was in my corner and fought to beat my case. His office was very responsive to all of my inquiries and I was kept in the loop every step of the way. Yes, his fees are higher than most lawyers in this field of work but I can say with 100% confidence that it is well worth it to hire him and not go with the cheaper fees of other law firms. Had I lost my case it would have cost me over $50,000 in fines, administrative penalties and increased insurance premiums to get my driver's license reinstated. Not to mention losing my Nexus pass to cross the border into the USA. With so much riding on the outcome of my case I had to choose the BEST in the industry. I am forever grateful to him and his team for EVERYTHING they have done for more
Fotografia Boutique
18:20 28 Feb 18
What an amazing person and a remarkable lawyer I have come to know. Nicholas Charitsis stands up for justice, truth, fairness, and democracy, going above and beyond to accomplish it. The first one and only that stood up for a friend in need when everybody else left. Nicholas you are a huge hero!read more
Jalal Khalili
21:28 18 Feb 18
My experience with Nicholas Charitsis as my lawyer has been beyond amazing. He was extremely professional when handling my DUI case at the Brampton court. Nick was able to find problems with the crown attorney case and destroyed the police officers testimony on the stand. True story...Nicholas made the police officer cry while under cross examination after showing misconduct in the way I was treated...apparently this was not the first time that CONSTABLE MARKS abused his power in the course of an arrest. Nicholas found all the key points in law and was quickly able to respond to the crown attorneys evidence. My charges were both dismissed after trial and I give all the credit to Nicholas. His hard work does not go unoticed. All the judges know him and respect him ...I have seen it first hand. 10 STAR REVIEW FOR HIMread more
Kaelah Mizzi
23:13 17 Feb 18
Nicholas Charitsis is very dedicated to his clients and a hard working lawyer. He will ensure to get the best result for your case and takes pride in what he does. His knowledge of the law and his expertise does not go unnoticed. I would highly recommend Nicholas Charitsis to defend you for any criminal court more
Dimitri Mitropoulos
00:41 09 Feb 18
I’ve had to use my fair share of lawyers in the past. I can truly say that Nicholas is by far the best of the best! Results oriented and no nonsense. He will tell you how it is and that is not common in his profession. If there is any way to win your case he will find more
Vladimir Duarte
22:36 08 Feb 18
Nicholas is by far the best criminal lawyer I have ever hired. He makes the impossible POSSIBLE. Never have I seen a lawyer get such positive results. In my case her dropped 8 charges when there was strong evidence against me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his office for any serious legal more
john cameron
20:23 30 Jan 18
Nick Charitsis is an Excellent Lawyer. He outsmarted the Crown Attorney in my case and was able to avoid mandatory jail for 2 prior drinking and driving convictions. He is well respected by the judges and is 100% commited to achieving the BEST results for his clients. I recommend him whole more
Jack C
21:10 16 Jan 18
Nicholas Charitsis is a hard working criminal lawyer. You will not find a more compassionate and knowledgable lawyer than him. Any time I have asked him for advice about a legal situation he has predicted the outcome with 100% accuracy. His experience speaks for itself. Well known by the judges and crown attorneys in all of the GTA courts you will not find any better representation than his. The fees he charges are worth every more
Cassandra Pinch
18:30 05 Jan 18
Nicholas Charitsis was a fanatastic lawyer for my case and did everything he could to ensure the best end result for my situation. Things would had gone a much different way for me if it wasn't for him. In the legal system people are only looked at as a name on a piece of paper, but because of him I was seen as a human being who made a mistake and learned from more
23:59 03 Jan 18
Nicholas Charitsis is by far the best DUI lawyer in the GTA. He beat my Over 80mgs case on the second court date after exposing problems with my arrest by the York Region Police. I thank him greatly for his hard work. It was definitely worth the extra cost to hire him for this case. I recommend him to all my friends and more
sebastian zucca
23:34 29 Nov 17
Reliable, trustworthy and very intelligent. He’s the DUI expert. If there’s a way to beat the case he’ll find it. Highly recommend more
Keron Keir
20:28 16 Nov 17
The best damn lawyer in the city. Got me out of many jams. ALWAYS comes through. Not cheap but worth every penny. You cannot put any price on FREEDOM. He's my more
Samuel Arutsothy
15:09 07 Nov 17
This is the honest to God truth. You get what’s you pay for. With Nicholas Charitsis his fees were high but the results were worth it. My DUI and Domestic cases were both dropped after I hired him to represent me. Other lawyers were quoting lower fees but couldn’t guarantee the results. With Nicholas I had my mind at ease because he promises everything would be dropped. I’m sure glad I trusted him because it made the entire process easy and painless. He attended all of my Court dates and updated me every step office the way by regular and consistent emails. His law clerk Montana is incredibly helpfully and pleasant. The only criticism I have is that if you want to speak with Nicholas directly on the phone it takes a few days for him to return calls. It’s a small price to pay for the excellent results he delivers. Even though Montana is always available to answer questions about the case sometimes it feels better to get the news from the man himself. Obviously he’s so busy for a reason. Nicholas truly is the bests criminal lawyer in more
Marcos Pangilinan
04:32 05 Nov 17
A very good lawyer to have. Very helpful staff. I had no doubts on the positive outcome of my matters being handled by Mr. Charitsis and Ms. more
Gina Rock
20:55 11 Oct 17
Nicholas is a fantastic lawyer, not only was he extremely professional and knowledgeable but also compassionate. He genuinely cares about his clients and works hard to help them. He doesn't "sugar coat" and give false hope but instead fights to give his clients the best outcome! I highly recommend him. He is well worth the cost, with Nicholas representing you you will never feel like just a number, he takes pride in what he does and does it very well. I can't say enough... Thank you Nick for everything!read more
Robad Panamo
15:22 20 Sep 17
Nicholas is the best lawyer in Toronto. He worked hard to drop all of my friends charges. The crown attorney was trying hard to put him in jail. Even at the trial after the case was dismissed Nicholas approached the police officer that charged my friend to get his name cleared after the domestic assault trial finished all charges dropped. We then got the person who made up the charges arrested for Fraud. Wow I can't believed how amazing Nicholas is!read more
martin urraburu
21:37 27 Jul 17
Studying to become a paralegal and with my acceptance to law school, it has never been more thorough and understanding with the advice and pointers of Nicholas Charitsis. Being one of Toronto's top Criminal Defence Lawyer's he knows his clients and the Law. His high quality negotiating traits have earned his client's great success in and outside the courtroom. An all around gentleman gives his client's the comfort they need while undergoing such stress a criminal charge can bring into someone's life. You need experience and dedication to take on such challenging situations, and Nicholas Charitsis will demonstrate that in his practice of criminal law. I recommend that if anyone out there has any case involving the justice system to give his office a call, he will work around the clock to help you move on. From resolving your matter to destroying your finger prints after your issue has been dealt with. Call the Law office of Nicholas more
Robina Cheema
15:45 27 Jul 17
Nick is the BEST criminal defense lawyer in Toronto. He's very knowledgeable and get's things done. The judges all know him and respect him. The Best decision I made was to hire him as my lawyer. His fees were worth every penny to clear my name from the police records. I would highly recommend Nick if you're in Need if the BEST criminal more
Konstantinos Papatolikas
19:17 28 Jun 17
You will never meet a more honest individual who actually cares about people and puts his clients first. I went to see Nicholas about a criminal charge that I was stressing over for months. He came up with a solution right away. He didn't even charge me for his time. I should have gone to see him sooner than I did because I left his office feeling calm and confident about my situation. I eventually hired him and he was able to get all of my charges dropped. I would recommend him to anybody in need of the best criminal more
Survivor 101
04:02 28 Jun 17
From the start Nicholas had his word . He promised me everything will be okay and we will get those charges gone . He stuck with his word and he fought for me . I had false accusations against me for something I didn't even do . I endured the pain and suffering for months, at times I felt hopeless. Some nights I couldn't even sleep. Nicholas was reassuring , clear , and confident . He knew what he had to get done and he did . If you have any case leave it to him will not be disappointed. The most rewarding part for him is helping people out of his own good heart like he helped me . I would also like to thank his law clerk Montana for being so patient and understanding . Thank you Nicholas Charistis to you for giving me my life back .read more
nick petrou
16:55 23 Jun 17
This is how good Nicholas Charitsis is: Today he got my case thrown out at the old city hall court. He literally explained the law to the judge and the prosecutor and took complete control of the process. I was sitting in the courtroom thinking this guy is THE MAN and he's MY LAWYER . I couldn't have been happier. By hiring him I got piece of mind and excellent results. Had to switch lawyers from another firm until I found him. Thank goodness I did!read more
Susan Khalili
12:59 02 Jun 17
I was arrested for DUI and foolishly thought that I could deal with the case on my own. After several useless court appearances and getting ridiculed by a judge it was time for me to hire the services of a professional. I searched and searched until I found the best rated DUI lawyer in Toronto. I called the law offices of Nicholas Charitsis and was greeted by his friendly assistant Montana Brown. She was able to set up a meeting with Nicholas within 24hours. When I arrived at his office there was a bit of a wait since Nicholas was running late with his other meetings. His assistant was very pleasant and made me feel extremely comfortable while I was in the waiting room. Nicholas then came out to greet me and brought me into the meeting room. He was polite and very professional. He meticulously walked me through the process of my criminal case by mapping everything out on a large whiteboard. He explained each and every step of what he would do and how long it would take to do it. It was amazing! I felt completely informed and finally knew what to expect for the case. After everything was said and done my charges were dropped and I saved my driver's licence. Nicholas is truly the best DUI lawyer out there. All of the positive reviews are completely more
Helen Wu
22:14 02 May 17
I have to say that I am very happy that I hired Nicholas for my domestic assault case. This is my honest review. I found Nicholas very approachable and likeable. After interviewing several lawyers before him, I decided to hire Nicholas the same day I met him. He had a lineup of clients waiting for him, which I liked because it gave me confidence that he was a good lawyer. He wasn't on call for me all the time but I found him to communicate fairly effectively. He would sometimes respond to my e-mails at late hours, which is something I found to be very good because it showed him to be a hard worker. Sometimes I needed to contact him a couple times because he was busy but it ended up being ok. It was definitely a small sacrifice. He did communicate very well in general. He has an amazing memory and somehow remembers my case when I speak to him on the phone without him even having his notes. His work is top notch. He really takes the time to make sure everything is in order. I am very more
Karen Singh
23:23 25 Apr 17
Nicholas has helped me and family out a few times in the past. He's always easy to get a hold of and ready to help out when we need him. His fees are reasonable and he is completely honest about what the outcome will likely be. Each time I've used him, Nicholas has exceeded my expectations with the results. My family and I trust him 100% and would recommend his office without hesitation. He's the best lawyer in the 905 and 416 for more
Bryson Hood
14:57 13 Apr 17
This guy is awesome. I had 9 prior convictions for driving under suspension and a new charge of dangerous driving. I don't know how he did it but Charitsis kept me out of jail. He is an incredible lawyer. When we finished my case at the Newmarket court his colleagues were giving him high fives for getting the result that he did in my case. I should also mention that his assistant Montana is extremely helpful and pleasant. She talked me through the whole ordeal and made me feel safe and confident that Nicholas would come through for me. I give him all the credit for solving this terrible situation I was in. He is worth the extra costsread more
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