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With thousands of wins & favorable results, our Barrie criminal lawyers have defended over 5000 cases in Barrie & throughout Ontario. We win cases, avoid Criminal records and to keep driver licences.


In Ontario, the Barristers Act mandates prioritized status for senior lawyers with the Crown Attorney’s and in court. With 25+ years in criminal defence, this gives your defence a winning edge.

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Years of legal experience as crown attorneys, prosecutors and criminal defence lawyers throughout the GTA and in Barrie. We know the defence strategies to protect your future.  About Us >

Criminal Defence Lawyers for Barrie

At Charitsis Law, our team of skilled criminal lawyers are committed to winning your case and delivering a successful outcomes.

We understand that facing criminal charges can be overwhelming and we are here to provide you with qualified and experienced criminal lawyers for the Barrie, Simcoe County, and GTA Courts.

With a proven track record of success, our criminal defence lawyers have successfully represented over 5,000 criminal cases in the last 20 years.

We are one of the best-reviewed law offices in Barrie and throughout Ontario.

Protect your rights, your future and your freedom by choosing Charitsis Law.
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Barrie Criminal Lawyers


Facing criminal charges? You need experienced Barrie criminal lawyers with a proven track record.

Charitsis Law specializes in criminal defence across Barrie and the GTA. As defence lawyers we’ve been highly rated on Google,, and the Better Business Bureau.

With a deep understanding of the Barrie Courthouse and the local justice system, we are dedicated to doing everything possible to win your case. We handle each case with respect and determination, treating it as if it were our own.

When you need to win choose Charitsis Law to safeguard your rights, future, and freedom.


Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Barrie Criminal Lawyer Nicholas Charitsis
Nicholas Charitsis Criminal Lawyer

Barrie’s Best Reviewed Lawyers

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Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results and litigation outcomes will vary according to the facts in individual cases.

Meet Nicholas Charitsis

Criminal lawyer Nicholas Charitsis is a graduate from Osgoode Hall Law School.

Nick earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree (with distinction) from the Schulich School of Business at York University, where he graduated in the top 5% of the class.

Nicholas worked as an Assistant Crown Attorney for the Attorney General’s office at the Old City Hall, College Park, 1000 Finch, and 311 Jarvis Courthouses.

In this video criminal lawyer Nicholas Charitsis explains his team approach to defending criminal charges.

Service Oriented Law Firm

As Barrie criminal lawyers we work to provide successful and positive outcomes in criminal defence by defending your rights, character and work to protect your future. Ninety nine (99) percent of the cases we’ve handled in Barrie have ended with a positive outcome. Our goal at the Barrie & Halton courthouse is to have your charge(s) dismissed, and dropped with no criminal record or licence suspensions.

Trial Lawyers

As criminal defence lawyers we firmly believe that when you’re arrested – you need immediate legal counsel. That’s why we always have a lawyer available to help you 24/7. In addition, there are two (2) criminal defence lawyers assigned to each case ensuring that there is always someone available, to handle any concerns you may have.

Winning Track Record

We pride ourselves on professional aggressive defence and successful track record at the Barrie courts – our goal is to win your case and to avoid criminal records, suspensions and even jail. Our commitment to our clients is that we will do whatever it takes to win your case, with hundred and ten (110) percent effort. We work with you, so that our fees aren’t a burden on you – or your family.

As defence lawyers we thoroughly investigate all legal evidence against our clients, and prepare each case for trial.

Criminal Law Practice Areas

Criminal Defence for all Charges Including:

  • Assault

    An assault occurs where one person applies force upon another person. In criminal charges for common assault, usually no injury as occurred or the injury is very minor in nature, e.g a scrape or minor bruise.

  • Sexual Assault

    Sexual assault involves any unwanted sexual act or behavior forced upon an individual without their consent. This violation can carry significant legal repercussions, and depending on its severity, perpetrators can face long-term imprisonment.

  • Domestic Assault

    Domestic assault refers to physical, emotional, or psychological harm inflicted upon a person by a intimate partner or family member.

  • Obstruct Justice

    Obstruct Justice refers to intentionally taking actions that interfere with or impede the proper functioning of the judicial system. This can encompass behaviours like misleading law enforcement, tampering with evidence, or influencing witnesses.

  • Youth Criminal Justice Act

    The Youth Criminal Justice Act in Canada is a specialized legal framework dedicated to addressing offenscs committed by individuals aged 12 to 17. Navigating this system requires a understanding and a tailored approach to ensure that young people’s rights are upheld & their futures are protected.

  • Criminal Records

    A criminal record in Canada is a formal record of offences that an individual has been convicted of. Having such a record can impact various aspects of life, from employment opportunities to travel restrictions, underscoring the importance of understanding its implications and seeking avenues for record suspensions.

  • Pardons

    Individuals convicted of criminal offence(s) may qualify for a Record Suspension after a specific duration. Factors like the nature of the charges, the penalties given, and the sentencing dates play crucial roles in determining eligibility.

  • Impaired Driving

    Impaired driving, refers to operating a vehicle while one’s ability to do so is compromised by alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both. It’s a serious offence that can result in a criminal record, license suspension and possible imprisonment

  • Refuse Breathalyzer

    When a demand is made by a police officer for a breathalyzer test, should the driver refuse without lawful excuse they commit a criminal offence, with penalties the same as if they failed the test and are charged with impaired driving.

  • Drive over .08

    Canadian law sets a clear line for alcohol consumption while driving: where a driver’s blood alcohol concentration measures over 0.08mgs (or 80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood), they’re breaking the law and could face penalties like fines, license suspensions, and even jail.

  • Utter Threats

    Uttering Threats means expressing an intention to harm someone or their property. The criminal charge doesn’t just cover physical harm but can also include threats to damage belongings or even pets. Making such threats is taken seriously and can result in legal consequences, underscoring the significance of words and the power they hold.

  • Highway Traffic Act Offences

    The Ontario Highway Traffic Act regulates road safety and vehicular travel in Ontario, covering everything from speeding and seatbelt violations to more severe offences careless driving. Breaching its provisions can lead to fines, demerit points, license suspensions, or even imprisonment.

  • Fingerprint Removal

    Upon being charged with an criminal offence, police typically collect your fingerprints and photographs as part of the arrest. Where you’re acquitted, have your charges dropped, or obtain a non-conviction outcome, you can request the deletion of the  fingerprints and photos taken at the time of arrest, often after a designated waiting period.

  • Bail Hearings

    Bail hearing are proceeding to determine whether an accused person should be released or detained while awaiting trial. The decision is based upon the nature of the crime, criminal history, and risk of them not appearing in court or any danger to the public.

  • Theft

    Theft as in taking someone else’s property without permission or legal right, and/or intending to deprive the owner of it. Committing theft includes consequences that can include fines, restitution, or imprisonment.

  • Drive While Prohibited

    Criminal licence suspensions can be life-altering. Most criminal suspensions are mandatory and can occur for multiple reasons, the length of time it’s suspended can be advocated by our defence team and hinges on different considerations.

  • Fail to Remain

    leaving the scene post-accident without fulfilling your duties can lead to a “Fail to Remain” charge. The law takes this seriously; those found guilty may find themselves paying fines, losing their license, or even spending time in jail.

  • Breach of Probation

    Breach of Probation refers to failing to follow the conditions set out in a probation order after a criminal conviction. Not following these terms can lead the judge to impose additional legal consequences, which may include potential fines, extended probation, or even imprisonment.

  • Quasi-Criminal Proceedings

    Beyond the offences outlined in the Criminal Code and Controlled Drugs & Substances Act, various federal and provincial regulations can lead to penalties as stringent as those in traditional criminal law. Being convicted of these “quasi-criminal” violations can result in substantial fines and potential imprisonment.

How Criminal Records Affect You

Criminal records are for life and can affect you and your family in the following ways
  • Employment: People with a criminal record may have trouble getting a job.
  • Travel: When traveling internationally, border guards can ask about your criminal record and prevent entry.
  • Border Crossing: If you’ve been convicted of drunk driving, U.S. border officers can stop you driving into the USA.
  • Volunteering: If you want to volunteer, some organizations will not accept persons with a criminal record.
  • Professional designations:  Where you are a professional you may be obligated to report your record.
  • Immigration: When applying to immigrate or change residency status in a country, your criminal record will be a factor in the decision.

Many employers require a criminal record check, and will not hire someone with a criminal conviction.

If you wish to work in a government agency you may find that employment is denied or you may be required to obtain a criminal record suspension (pardon) before considered for work.

When dealing with family law or child custody issues a judge can take into consideration the criminal record as evidence of the person’s character. A criminal record could be considered evidence of bad character which may have an impact on who or under what terms child custody or visitation rights maybe granted.

Any person applying for Canadian citizenship will be denied citizenship if they have a criminal record. Those persons who do not have permanent residency in Canada maybe deported where they commit criminal acts in Canada.

If you are not a Canadian citizen you can be deported due to criminal acts.

What Does a Lawyer Cost?

In legal battles, you typically get one chance to make your case. This isn’t the time to opt for discounts or inexperienced hands.

With your driver’s licence, job, and family at stake, you need more than just representation. You need the best possible defence lawyer on your side, a law office known for winning and getting positive resolutions.

Don’t take our word for it, though – read our hundreds of positive client reviews on Google, Better Business Bureau, and before choosing us for your defence team.

As experienced criminal lawyers in Barrie & Simcoe Region, we’re committed to providing high quality top-tier representation. We’ll handle every aspect of your case, including speaking with the Crown Attorney, court dates, legal arguments including trial preparation and your defence.

The cost to defend you in court depends. What are you charged with, the circumstances, and was there an injury or violence.  When you call we’ll tell you the cost up front.  Our fees are based upon our high level of success and the circumstances your facing.

Our Philosophy as Criminal Defence Lawyers

Being charged with a criminal offence is undeniably one of the most daunting moments in a person’s life.

The looming threat of a conviction can cast a long shadow, impacting not just immediate penalties, but also future opportunities and societal perceptions. A criminal conviction can significantly influence career prospects and personal relationships for years to come. Given the huge implications, the role of a criminal lawyer of your defence becomes paramount.

Engaging a seasoned attorney with a strong reputation isn’t merely a procedural step; it’s a strategic move to safeguard one’s future. In essence, choosing the right legal representation is not just about navigating the present legal maze but ensuring a more secure and promising path ahead.

Risk Free Consultation

At Charitsis Law, we’re here to help and guide you, starting with a complimentary consultation. Whether you’d prefer to chat in person or over the phone, we’re flexible. In this initial discussion, we’ll address all your concerns: from understanding potential penalties and what the police need to establish, to exploring ways to robustly challenge the claims against you.

Our goal in your criminal defence is clear – to win your case, to have your criminal charges dismissed or mitigated to protecting you from severe outcomes like a criminal record, licence suspensions, or even jail time. We’re confident that after our conversation, you’ll recognize why so many trust Charitsis Law as their go-to defence team in Barrie.

What does a criminal lawyer do?

Criminal cases are built on evidence that must meet the standard of reasonable doubt. As criminal lawyers at the Barrie courts we can evaluate the evidence for legal applications, evidence by the police, and legal arguments. Arresting officers must follow arrest protocols and the rules of evidence in a criminal investigation. As defence lawyers we contest all inadmissible evidence and move to have any immaterial case facts dismissed.

Defending Cases in Barrie

When you secure the services of a criminal lawyer, you’re entrusting someone to stand up for you, represent your interests, and be your voice. They don’t just defend you in court; they actively engage and negotiate on your behalf with the crown attorney, ensuring your side of the story is heard and understood.

Your lawyer is your advocate, meticulously examining every detail of your case and challenging any weak or borderline evidence. If negotiations don’t lead to a just resolution, a committed criminal lawyer is prepared to take your case all the way to trial. They are there every step of the way, ensuring you’re not alone in this challenging journey and fighting for the best possible outcome for you.

Criminal Lawyers an Investment in Your Future

In Barrie, choosing a criminal lawyer to stand by your side isn’t just a decision for the present—it’s a significant investment in your future.

Navigating the legal waters without an strong advocate might leave you missing out on opportunities for better outcomes. The seasoned attorney’s at Charitsis Law not only ensures that your rights are championed but also strategizes for your long-term well-being. Our expertise can steer a challenging situation towards more favorable avenues, potentially negotiating a withdrawal, reduced charges or other benefits. When you engage a skilled criminal lawyer, you’re not just purchasing legal advice; you’re investing in your future possibilities, clearer paths, and peace of mind.

The value of such an investment extends far beyond the courtroom and into the chapters of your life ahead.

Do I need a defence lawyer for my case?

In Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees anyone accused of a crime the right to have a defence lawyer. While it also allows people to represent themselves in criminal cases, you’ll need the judge’s permission to do so.

Choosing to represent yourself is deeply personal, but based on our familiarity with the Barrie courts, we advise against it. Experience is invaluable: defence lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of the law, understand the intricacies of court procedures, and are skilled in articulating arguments. Moreover, they know how to communicate effectively with the crown attorney, ensuring that your best interests are always at the forefront.

Given the potential severity of criminal convictions, especially for serious charges, having a seasoned legal professional on your side is invaluable. Their expertise can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case.

Dedicated and Recognized Advocacy

Our team of criminal lawyers in Barrie is not just experienced, but also well-recognized, with positive mentions on Google Reviews, Better Business Bureau,, and more. But beyond accolades, what truly drives us is a genuine passion for helping our clients. We’re all about building winning defences, clear communication, and ensuring you get the best outcome.

Trust that when you choose Charitsis Law, you’re not just getting a lawyer – you’re gaining a partner with a team behind them. We understand the weight of defending your character and rights. So, we’ll always be here to guide you, keep you informed, and work together every step of the way.

Barrie Criminal Court

If you’re up against criminal charges in Barrie, call and speak to one of our lawyer, it’s free. We’re deeply acquainted with the workings of the Barrie Court and throughout the GTA. Our longstanding presence has allowed us to establish connections and familiarity with key figures, including the crown attorney, judges, and other court officials.

This experience of the system and its players gives us an edge over less experience advocates. We don’t just represent clients; we strategically navigate the local legal terrain. Our proven track record reflects our ability to prepare and present strong defences, resulting in wins, charge reductions, and avoiding criminal records and licence suspensions. With us, you’re not only getting defence; you’re getting the advantage of local expertise and relationships to champion your cause and secure your future.

Arrested for a Criminal Charge in Barrie?

Criminal arrests are made when a police officer either has witnessed a crime or has reasonable and probable grounds to believe an offence has been committed. Once arrested, the accused may be released on a promise to appear in court or be taken by the police officer into custody for a bail hearing at the Barrie courthouse. The accused will be fingerprinted and photographed. The accused will be required to answer a series of personal questions and will then be placed in a holding cell. The police must give the accused reasonable phone calls and be allowed speak to a criminal defence lawyer of their choosing or to duty counsel.

Where the accused is being held for a bail hearing, the are kept in jail until they can be brought before a Justice. The accused will be given a court hearing within 48 hours of being placed in custody, and will be allowed to meet with their lawyer before the bail hearing takes place.

When an accused individual is brought to the courthouse, the court clerk notifies the judge about the specific charges against them. The judge then asks the accused to plead either “guilty” or “not guilty.” Before this happens the accused to should get some advice from one of our criminal lawyers about how to plead.  Where the accused pleads not guilty, the judge evaluates whether the accused should be released from custody while awaiting their trial date.

A guilty plea is an admission of guilt, and the accused will be responsible for the penalties of the crime plus accept a criminal record for life. A plea of not guilty means, the crown attorney must prove the facts of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt to the judge at trial.  Witnesses must appear on the trial date to give evidence.

At the Barrie courthouse most criminal proceedings appear before a provincial court judge, without a jury and the judge will decide the outcome.

If after the trial the accused is found not guilty, they will be allowed to go free. Where the accused is found guilty, or if the accused pleads guilty, a sentencing hearing will be held immediately unless deferred by the court. At sentencing, the judge listens to submissions from both the defence lawyer and the crown attorney regarding the accused, including any past criminal record and background in deciding a penalty.

Many criminal charges including impaired driving and dangerous driving have mandatory penalties like licence suspensions that the judge has no control over.

At the sentencing hearing, the judge may want to hear the opinions of the accused’s friends and family, or from the victim(s) of the crime. The judge will then decide a penalty based on sentencing requirements and the evidence provided.

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