Drive Over 80mgs

Drive over 80 mgs

Nicholas Charitsis is a Toronto lawyer specializing in Drive over 80 and drinking and driving charges for the Toronto and area courts. Consultations for drive over 80mgs charges are conducted at no charge by calling 416-878-2275 or contacting our office.

Eighty (80) milligrams of alcohol per one hundred (100) millilitres of blood is the level of alcohol consumption for Canadian drivers.

The Criminal Code of Canada has a “line” as to what level of alcohol a driver can have in their blood system.  If the police investigate the driver and learn that they have more that 80mgs of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood the police may charge the driver with the criminal offence of driving over 80mgs.

Most people arrested for driving over 80 mgs had no idea they were putting themselves at risk. Having that second drink can put a driver over the legal limit, making them a criminal in Canada.

About Driving over 80mgs

The police can ask a driver to take a breathalyzer test when;

  • The police find that the accused is driving or has the care and control of a motor vehicle.
  • The driver of the motor vehicle has been arrested for impaired driving.
  • The police have stopped the driver and the police officer can smell alcohol on the driver’s breath.
  • The driver tells the police that they have consumed an alcoholic beverage prior to driving the motor vehicle.

Where the driver doesn’t give a sample of  breath the police may charge the driver with with refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

Once the police have a lawful authority ask a driver to take a breathalyzer test, the driver must go with the police officer to allow the tests to be taken.

If the driver takes the breathalyzer tests and obtains a reading over 80 milligrams, the police can charge the driver with Drive over 80mgs.

★★★★★ I was arrested for Drive over 80. I called the law offices of Nicholas Charitsis and was greeted by his friendly assistant Montana Brown. She was able to set up a meeting with Nicholas within 24hours. When I arrived at his office there was a bit of a wait since Nicholas was running late with his other meetings. His assistant was very pleasant and made me feel extremely comfortable while I was in the waiting room. Nicholas then came out to greet me and brought me into the meeting room.

Nicholas was polite and very professional. He meticulously walked me through the process of my criminal case by mapping everything out on a large whiteboard. He explained each and every step of what he would do and how long it would take to do it. It was amazing! I felt completely informed and finally knew what to expect for the case. After everything was said and done my charges were dropped and I saved my driver’s licence. Nicholas is truly the best DUI lawyer out there.

Susan K. Toronto

The Penalties for Drive over 80mgs

The penalties for drive over 80 are serious and are the same as if you were arrested for Impaired driving;

  • Immediate 90 day license suspension
  • Impounding of your vehicle.
  • A fine of $1000 to $2000 dollars.
  • A criminal record for life.
  • Possible jail for serious or repeat offences.
  • Upon conviction an additional one year licence suspension.
  • Upon reinstatement of license, mandatory Ignition Interlock installed in any vehicle.
  • One hundred percent increase in insurance rates.

Fighting Drive Over 80

You may think that if the police have charged you with drive over 80 mgs then you’re automatically guilty.

The police don’t win every case, they do make mistakes and many times drivers are just not guilty of what the police are alleging.

Many times there are defences, compromises and solutions other than being convicted of driving over 80 mgs and losing your license and having a criminal record.

When the police arrest someone for drive over 80 cases they have strict rules that they must follow when they are collecting evidence against you.

As a Toronto criminal lawyer I am an expert with years of court experience and have legal experts like former Toronto police breathalyzer technicians, Detectives and alcohol toxicologists standing by to assist in your defense.  I have appeared at over three thousand (3,000) drinking and driving trials and I can help you.

Contact me to discuss your case free of charge at 416-878-2275.

I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case in detail, either at my office or a place convenient to you.

When it comes to fees, you don’t have to pay the whole fee up front. I am one of the most affordable criminal lawyers in Toronto and offer payment plans to fit your situation.

About Drive Over 80 Charges

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