Cost to Fight Impaired Driving

Impaired Driving – Legal Cost

Nicholas Charitsis is a Toronto lawyer specializing in drinking and driving charges in the Toronto and area courts. There is no charge to discuss your case, call 416-878-2275 or contact our office to discuss your case.

The Cost to Fight a DUI Charge

At Charitsis Law there are no up front fees or charges to come and discuss your case with us.

When you meet with our lawyers we will;

  • Explain what the charge(s) are saying you did.
  • What the legal penalties and ramifications of being convicted are.
  • What errors we see in the police investigation, and review the police disclosure if available.
  • What issues we would bring up in trial to win your case.
  • Tell you about going to trial and winning your case.
  • Tell you about possible reduced charges.
  • Answer any questions you may have.

Having years of experience with impaired driving and drinking and driving in the Toronto courts we have the experience and knowledge to give you a accurate and reasonable explanation of what to expect at court.

Call our office now to discuss your case at 416-878-2275. You deserve the best possible criminal defense in Ontario.

You Have One Opportunity to Win

Being charged with a DUI or drinking and driving charge is a serious event.

An impaired driving or drinking and driving charge puts most people’s employment, family and ability to drive at risk.

Being charged with an impaired driving can be one of the most serious events in most people’s lives and you need to have best possible law firm to win your case.

Although you may find discount lawyers and high volume law firms there is no merit in saving a bit with someone lacking in experience with impaired driving charges.

With impaired driving charges you have to have a law firm with the experience and a track record of winning impaired driving charges.

You have one opportunity to take your drinking and driving charge to trial.

If the case is lost at trial drivers may appeal the Judges ruling, but appeals are costly procedures with dubious results that you want to avoid. The goal is to win the case, not to have to consider appeals or wondering if the lawyer did the best job.

You do not have a second chance to go back to trial with another lawyer, so call Charitsis Law first.

Retaining our Law Firm for Your DUI Charge

Should you decide that you want to retain our lawyers we will access your case and tell you the cost to fight and complete your case from beginning to end.

We charge a “Block Fee” for services, meaning we will tell you the cost, and that’s the whole cost to do your case from beginning to end.

There are no hidden fees or extra charges.

Although there will be lawyers that are cheaper and more expensive Charitsis Law works to provide our clients with a fair and reasonable fee that includes the whole cost to fight the charge(s), giving you the very best opportunity to win and have a favourable result.

Our fee is not only representative of the work involved but our very high success rate with impaired driving and drinking and driving charges.

Winning is Everything

Once we are working for you our goal is to win.

It’s not only what our clients want, but realistically if our firm is winning cases it’s good for our business, so we’re motivated to do the very best job.

We will appear and arrange all future court dates, discussions with the Crown Attorney, and prepare all documents and motions for your case.

Prior to any trial we will meet with the Crown Attorney on your behalf to review and argue the merits of a withdrawal and to canvass any reduced charges.

After meeting with the Crown we will update you on your case.

As well as working at the court we will counsel and give you advice on what you can do to help your case, for example;

  • Have you write out your version, a statement of what happened.
  • Work to obtain any documentary evidence or witnesses that can help the case.
  • Arrange for the accused to receive counselling if necessary, e.g. substance abuse.
  • Meet and work with any experts to appear on your behalf at court, e.g. Toxicologists, psychologists, and addiction experts

At Charitsis law we want to keep you “in the loop” working on your case with us to do everything possible to prepare and win your case for trial.

Call our office at 416-878-2275 to fight your impaired driving charge now.

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Reviews of Nicholas Charitsis

My experience with Nicholas Charitsis has been beyond excellent. Right from the beginning after I was involved in a major collision for which I was charged for Dangerous Driving, Nicholas was able to provide me with a sense of confidence and security.

He explained everything I needed to know in great detail and his confidence is what gave me confidence as well, any questions that I had asked were always answered in a pleasant yet understandable manner. I could also see that he had legitimately cared for my case and that he takes great pride in his work and puts in 120%.

After what seemed like what was going to be a tough case, he was able to get me off with no charges, no convictions and no records.

I will remember this for the years to come and will definitely be referring him to friends and family or to anyone reading this with the utmost confidence should they get into any legal or need a dangerous driving lawyer. Thank you Nicholas for your hard work!
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