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Toronto impaired driving lawyer Nicholas Charitsis has been representing impaired drivers in Toronto for 18 years and has the experience you need to win your case.

Nicholas Charitsis is a criminal lawyer specializing in motor vehicle law in Ontario. Consultations for impaired driving are conducted at no charge by calling 416-878-2275 or contacting our offices in Toronto at 1000 Finch Ave West.

Charged with Impaired Driving, DUI or Drive over 80mgs?

As a Toronto lawyer I specialize in defending impaired driving charges in the Toronto courts. I have appeared in over two thousand drinking and driving charges in the Toronto courts and have the experience and qualifications to help you.

The City of Toronto has three (3) courts that deal with impaired driving;

Finding the Best Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer

How does one decide on which Toronto impaired driving lawyer to help them with their charge?

In Toronto there are many lawyers who deal with impaired driving cases, so how does one decide which lawyer is the best in Toronto for their case.

My own suggestion for drivers dealing with an impaired driving is to find out what other people say about the lawyer. I suggest  looking at reviews of Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyers and search under the particular Toronto lawyer to see what others say about their reputation when it comes to defending impaired driving in the Toronto courts.

As a Toronto lawyer I value the job that I do for each of my clients by providing them with the best possible criminal defence possible.

As Toronto impaired driving lawyer having appeared on over two thousand (2,000) impaired driving and drinking and driving cases I know how to win your case.

Impaired Driving Lawyers and the Toronto Courts

The Judges in the Toronto criminal courts take impaired driving seriously.  The Judges are fair and listen to defence counsel and the police before passing judgment.

The judges and prosecutors know who the best impaired driving lawyers are.  When I am defending someone, they are in for a fight.

When being represented at the Toronto courts you need to be well represented with a lawyer with experience in impaired driving defence.

When you meet with me your defence to impaired driving in Toronto starts the moment we get together and discuss your case.

I start your defense by listening and learning;

  • What lead up the the arrest?
  • What happened during the incident, and
  • What happened with the police officers, and
  • Is the paperwork to police provided to the trial judge done properly?
  • What are the legal technicalities to impaired driving?

From years of experience as a Toronto impaired driving lawyer and thousands of Toronto impaired driving cases it’s rare that I listen to a case where I don’t see opportunities to win for you.

The Toronto Police are held to a very high standard with impaired driving investigations, but where there is doubt caused by the police, the judge may dismiss the charge.

In an impaired driving case the police have to prove the driver guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” this means if the police do not convince the judge that the accused committed the offence then the judge may dismiss the charge.

Or to say it another way, if the judge is not one hundred percent certain that the accused committed the offence the judge should dismiss the charge. e.g the judge at the end of the trial says, I think the accused is 90% guilty but I have a 10% element of doubt. Where the judge has a doubt in their mind they must dismiss the charge.

Fighting Impaired Driving

Impaired driving cases are won on very technical arguments and then sometimes on very simple issues.

In any impaired driving case the police and crown attorney must prove;

  • Who, What, When, Where and How the impaired driving happened
  • Was a breathalyzer test taken legally and properly
  • Was all the paperwork and charging documents properly prepared by the police officer
  • Did the court system do everything properly, e.g. has the case taken too long to come to trial, disclosure issues
  • Are any witnesses in court
  • What are the legal technicalities
  • Is there any “reasonable doubt” in the judges mind at the end of the trial

Having appeared thousand of times in the Toronto courts for impaired driving and DUI cases I rarely come across a case where there are not trial able issues for my clients cases.

I can explain to your the legal implications of impaired driving including the penalties, defenses to impaired driving, and about what happens in the Toronto criminal courts.

Call now to arrange a free no obligation meeting to discuss your case at our Toronto offices with a impaired driving lawyer with a proven track record of winning impaired driving trials at 416-878-2275.

Legal Technicalities for Fighting Impaired Driving

After listening and reviewing what happened I can explain to you where I see opportunities to win your case, where the police may have made mistakes or legal arguments.

For impaired driving prosecutions the police are under strict guidelines and rules in regards to arresting impaired drivers and presenting evidence to the court.

The rules for police officers are so strict that many inexperienced police officers may have difficulty in properly preparing a case for trial.

As an impaired driving lawyer I have years of trial experience cross-examining police officers and guiding my client though the legal system.

I have also seen cases where “on paper” it looked like the police and prosecution had a strong case, only to see the case fall apart on the trial date due to minor mistakes, missing documents or legal issues from the police or crown attorney’s office.

Many times although my clients thought they were guilty of impaired driving, technically and legally they should not have been arrested in the first place and charges have been dropped.

I can’t thank Nicholas Charitsis enough for his honest and dedicated service in handling my case. He did exactly what he promised he would do with no B.S. He was there for me every time I needed him and his office was very helpful whenever I called in to ask questions about the progress of my case. I was really impressed with the level of respect he got from his colleagues and the judges whenever I attended court with him. It was clear to me that I got the best man for the job.

A Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer Who Wins

I do everything possible to win and positively resolve my clients cases and I stake my reputation on winning for you!

My winning results speak for themselves, as a Toronto impaired driving lawyer my clients are happy to give reviews and recommend my impaired driving defense for impaired driving and other criminal proceedings.

I encourage people to read not only my site, but to search the Internet for the reviews of impaired driving lawyers for their defense lawyer.

When you have been charged with impaired driving, DUI or a drinking and driving offence your best defence is to have Charitsis law fighting for you.

Speaking to a Lawyer about Impaired Driving

When a driver is arrested for impaired driving, the accused is given the opportunity to speak to a lawyer at the police station.

For most people (having never been arrested before) they have no idea what lawyer to contact to get the best advice about their arrest.

The Toronto police don’t provide an impaired driving lawyer to speak with you but provide a “duty counsel lawyer” who gives broad advice about impaired driving and what driver’s rights are.

The duty counsel lawyer gives advice such as not to give any statements, to provide the breath test and to sign any documents to ensure your release.

The duty counsel lawyer will not discuss defending you in court and how to be represented at trial, they are not a defense lawyer.

Once the accused is released they should contact a criminal lawyer who specializes in impaired driving defense.

A criminal lawyer whose practice deals with impaired driving in the Toronto courts can provide advice about what your options are and how your case can be won.

We are that law firm that specializes in impaired driving and have impaired driving lawyers like myself who are experts defending drivers.

As a conviction for impaired driving has serious consequences for years to come on your family, ability to work, driving suspensions and a criminal record call to me to meet and discuss your case.

During this meeting I can tell you;

  • the penalties for impaired driving and implications of the charge
  • the strengths and weaknesses of the police investigation
  • about the impaired driving – licence suspensions
  • about avoiding a criminal record for impaired driving, and
  • how I can win your case

Call now to make an appointment to find out about fighting your impaired driving charge >

Definitely one of the best lawyers to work with and the best in DUI defense.
I went to see a few impaired driving lawyers before Nick and he was the only one that I felt comfortable with. I was recommended from a friend and my friend was right, charges were dismissed at court! David J. Toronto

The Police Don’t Win Every Case

You may think that if the police have charged you then you’re automatically guilty.

The police don’t win every case, they do arrest when the shouldn’t and they do make mistakes.

Many times people are just not guilty of what the police are alleging.

When dealing with the criminal courts compromises and solutions other than being convicted of impaired driving and losing your license maybe available, even if you do have some fault in the matter.

When you discuss your impaired driving case with me, a Toronto impaired driving lawyer with actual trial experience with impaired driving in the Toronto and area courts, you’ll find out that for many impaired driving cases I can help you.

In preparing your defense I have legal experts like former Toronto police breathalyzer technicians, and alcohol toxicologists standing by to assist you.

Call us now at 416-878-2275, or contact my our Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer office to find out about winning your case.

When it comes to fees, you don’t have to pay the whole fee up front. I am one of the most affordable impaired driving lawyers in Toronto and offer payment plans to fit your situation.

Toronto Impaired Driving Lawyer – Nicholas Charitsis

Impaired Driving Toronto

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Susan Khalili
12:59 02 Jun 17
I was arrested for DUI and foolishly thought that I could deal with the case on my own. After several useless court appearances and getting ridiculed by a judge it was time for me to hire the services of a professional. I searched and searched until I found the best rated DUI lawyer in Toronto. I called the law offices of Nicholas Charitsis and was greeted by his friendly assistant Montana Brown. She was able to set up a meeting with Nicholas within 24hours. When I arrived at his office there was a bit of a wait since Nicholas was running late with his other meetings. His assistant was very pleasant and made me feel extremely comfortable while I was in the waiting room. Nicholas then came out to greet me and brought me into the meeting room. He was polite and very professional. He meticulously walked me through the process of my criminal case by mapping everything out on a large whiteboard. He explained each and every step of what he would do and how long it would take to do it. It was amazing! I felt completely informed and finally knew what to expect for the case. After everything was said and done my charges were dropped and I saved my driver's licence. Nicholas is truly the best DUI lawyer out there. All of the positive reviews are completely true.
nick petrou
16:55 23 Jun 17
This is how good Nicholas Charitsis is: Today he got my case thrown out at the old city hall court. He literally explained the law to the judge and the prosecutor and took complete control of the process. I was sitting in the courtroom thinking this guy is THE MAN and he's MY LAWYER . I couldn't have been happier. By hiring him I got piece of mind and excellent results. Had to switch lawyers from another firm until I found him. Thank goodness I did!
Helen Wu
22:14 02 May 17
I have to say that I am very happy that I hired Nicholas for my domestic assault case. This is my honest review. I found Nicholas very approachable and likeable. After interviewing several lawyers before him, I decided to hire Nicholas the same day I met him. He had a lineup of clients waiting for him, which I liked because it gave me confidence that he was a good lawyer. He wasn't on call for me all the time but I found him to communicate fairly effectively. He would sometimes respond to my e-mails at late hours, which is something I found to be very good because it showed him to be a hard worker. Sometimes I needed to contact him a couple times because he was busy but it ended up being ok. It was definitely a small sacrifice. He did communicate very well in general. He has an amazing memory and somehow remembers my case when I speak to him on the phone without him even having his notes. His work is top notch. He really takes the time to make sure everything is in order. I am very satisfied.
Karen Singh
23:23 25 Apr 17
Nicholas has helped me and family out a few times in the past. He's always easy to get a hold of and ready to help out when we need him. His fees are reasonable and he is completely honest about what the outcome will likely be. Each time I've used him, Nicholas has exceeded my expectations with the results. My family and I trust him 100% and would recommend his office without hesitation. He's the best lawyer in the 905 and 416 for sure.
Bryson Hood
14:57 13 Apr 17
This guy is awesome. I had 9 prior convictions for driving under suspension and a new charge of dangerous driving. I don't know how he did it but Charitsis kept me out of jail. He is an incredible lawyer. When we finished my case at the Newmarket court his colleagues were giving him high fives for getting the result that he did in my case. I should also mention that his assistant Montana is extremely helpful and pleasant. She talked me through the whole ordeal and made me feel safe and confident that Nicholas would come through for me. I give him all the credit for solving this terrible situation I was in. He is worth the extra costs
Konstantinos Papatolikas
19:17 28 Jun 17
You will never meet a more honest individual who actually cares about people and puts his clients first. I went to see Nicholas about a criminal charge that I was stressing over for months. He came up with a solution right away. He didn't even charge me for his time. I should have gone to see him sooner than I did because I left his office feeling calm and confident about my situation. I eventually hired him and he was able to get all of my charges dropped. I would recommend him to anybody in need of the best criminal lawyer.
Survivor 101
04:02 28 Jun 17
From the start Nicholas had his word . He promised me everything will be okay and we will get those charges gone . He stuck with his word and he fought for me . I had false accusations against me for something I didn't even do . I endured the pain and suffering for months, at times I felt hopeless. Some nights I couldn't even sleep. Nicholas was reassuring , clear , and confident . He knew what he had to get done and he did . If you have any case leave it to him will not be disappointed. The most rewarding part for him is helping people out of his own good heart like he helped me . I would also like to thank his law clerk Montana for being so patient and understanding . Thank you Nicholas Charistis to you for giving me my life back .
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Reviews of Nicholas Charitsis

Excellent Lawyer. He got all of my charges dropped at the Finch Court just like he promised he would. Nick is the lawyer you can trust. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to any of my friends or family that may happen to get into trouble.

Nicholas Charitsis is one of the best attorneys you could possibly retain. Should you find yourself in a position to need an impaired driving lawyer. Nicholas has a great understanding of the system and knows how to work for his clients individual needs.

From the very beginning through to the end Nick was professional, understanding of my position and showed confidence he would get the job done. Nick is very proactive lawyer, if he says he will do it it’s already done. The results are self explanatory, no charges, no convictions and no criminal record. Nicholas given me a chance to continue to live my life without burden and I am truly grateful. One of Toronto’s best impaired driving lawyers!


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